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Attitude Check Theater is not your great Aunt’s theater company.

Attitude Check Theatre Company is not your great Aunt’s theater company. Specifically, because it was founded by a group of people who are not your great aunt, but mostly because we won’t be holding auditions for "Grease" anytime soon. I suppose we are more like that weird cousin that only shows up to the family events that are mandatory like funerals, usually drunk, and praying for the moment that we can go home and be alone with our pets. Or, think of us as your friendly neighborhood theater kids, except now we're old and we want you to perform theater on our lawn. Either way, Attitude Check Theater Company works toward a common goal of creating an inclusive environment with an aim to preform for the love of theater. No cliques, no politics, just a passion for arts and performance. So, keep an eye out for our audition notices and performance dates. Bust out your corsets and fishnets and join us for one of our monthly "Rocky Horror Picture Show" performances. We hope to see you soon, crippling social anxiety aside!


Rocky Horror Picture Show!





Saturday, July 28th at 9:30 PM

Patriot Cinemas 10 Prov, RI

60 Newport Ave, East Providence, Rhode Island 02916

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