Board members


Gabriella Barthe

ROLE: President

Gabriella Barthe is a Masters in Professional Writing and Communications Candidate at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. They have been involved in theater since 2005 and has been trained in set design, construction, and painting, as well as has worked technical services doing lighting and sound design for large scale productions. They have directed for 20 Cent Fiction in the past including Romeo and Julius, Theatre Jam, and the 25th Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show. Notable roles include Dr. Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Step Mother in Into The Woods, and Rosencrantz in Hamlet among others.

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Becky MacDonald

ROLE: vice President

Becky has been involving herself in the theater world since middle school. She has worked with the 2-Bit Players and Ghostlight Theater in NH, and worked with a few local theater groups in the form of 20 Cent Fiction and The New Place Players. Becky enjoys every aspect of the theater world, finding herself working not only as an actor and director, but also when needed as a costume designer, make-up artist, set designer, lighting crew, and more. Becky currently works as a manager and lead photographer for a portrait studio. She also runs her own family and wedding photography business through Becky Mac Photography and likes to incorporate her photographic skills to help document all local productions. Becky finds she has a hard time saying no to anything theater related and happily joined this rag tag team in their quest to establish a more exciting and risqué theater group in the form of Attitude Check Theater. In her (very rare) free time, she likes to bake bread and craft new and increasingly dangerous cocktails for her friend’s consumption.

Kimberly Wilcox

ROLE: Treasurer

Kimberly has been involved in theatre and the arts since she was young. With activities ranging from acting to dance to tech crew, she has been involved with most aspects of theatre throughout her life. Her short life....not long. Totally not the oldest one here. I mean kids these days just don't...nevermind. l'll just be in the money pit swimming around like Scrooge McDuck. 


Lionel Lafleur

ROLE: Secretary

Lionel has been doing theatre “seriously” since 2010. He started with the Macgyver Experience Improv Troupe before moving on to scripted acting and singing. He joined with the Umass Dartmouth Theatre Company and 20 Cent Fiction Productions in cabarets and yearly Rocky Horror Picture Shows. He later went on to perform at the Newport Playhouse And Cabaret for a couple months. He's been seen performing with other various local groups such as: Stadium Theatre, Bristol Community College's Club Theatre, and The Fairhaven Association for Music Education (FAME). Lionel is the Multi-Media Manager for a solar installation company, the banking officer for The Imperium Horde guild on The Bronzebeard server in World of Warcraft, and is a better Rocket League goalie, man, and lover than Daniel Peter Buccos.


Rachel Eckenreiter

ROLE: fundraising manager


Kevin Mercer

ROLE: quartermaster

Kevin has been involved with theater for well over a decade, working a number of local theater groups. Working almost exclusively behind the scenes backstage, whether during shows as a technician, in the workshop doing props, sets, and costumes, or at no small number of of rehearsals where he has made sure everything went smoothly (the consequences be damned). Kevin has patched roofs in a hurricane before a show, finished building sets (hours before a show) with dangerously malfunctioning tools, and been kicked out of workshops at dawn by the police after pulling all nighters. Actually… the police thing has happened more than once...


Chris Cardoza

ROLE: webmaster

Hey there, this is Chris’ wife popping in real quick. This section being blank on this site is driving me nuts.

Artistically, Chris has a background including drumming and hip hop dancing, but he first started doing theatre proper with 20 Cent Fiction in 2005. He’s played Hamlet! (In “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” in 2008.) He’s played Rocky, Frank, and Brad (with 20 Cent), and Dr. Scott (with Attitude Check) in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He’s also assisted with tech and less on-stage roles. As far as I know, this is the first time he gets to call himself “webmaster”.

Professionally, Chris holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UMass Dartmouth (2011), and has held various design engineer positions over the years. He one day aspires to open a soup restaurant, as he is (now not so) secretly a soup wizard.

He enjoys PC gaming, tabletop gaming, board gaming, capoeira, cooking, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and loving his wife and kitties.